Products Price:

Fullantenna's product price is absolutely superior to that of our competitors, because we produce a large number of products every day, so the overall product cost is lower than that of our competitors, and we keep the low profit policy for every piece and total quantity is big,so our overall profit preservation good,and company keeps virtuous circle.

Products Quality:

Under strict quality control, our products are undoubtedly made to meet your demands of high quality. Nevertheless, to guarantee you the quality of every product from us, our products all carry one-year warranty.

Products Compatibility:

In our opinion, compatibility is a key point in GPS,GSM,3G, WLAN applications, And that's why we make our products universally compatible. Products from us work well with a variety of prevailing GPS ,GSM,3G, WLAN products on the market and can be easily integrated with your existing equipment.


We possess the ability of sales and service integration: the pre-sales, point-of-sale, post-sales service management system.No matter you have any questions, we would like to offer you quick, accurate and effective answers.

Development and Customed Products

All of the products from Fullantenna are designed and developed by our experienced engineers with the most advanced microwave structure analytical software to design our products. We possess the ability of ODM and OEM that we can customize products based on customer needs.