Cable Assemble Solution

RF coax cable assembly is used as adaptor cable to connect both devices and signal transmission.(ie.wireless module and

antenna).The application is much wide from WLAN,GPS,GSM ,Radio,VHF,DVB-T,and even for medical instrumentation.

(I)Custom cable assembiles only 1 week

Fullantenna is the top cable assembly manufacturer in China,we have various standard RF connectors and coaxial cables in stock and can assemble per customers’ requests just in one week. Contact us now with your requests and tell me your following details:

  •  Cable type:RG174,RG316,RG178,RG58,Diameter 1.13mm or Diameter 0.81mm?
  •  Cable length:select from 3mm to 10meters or more longer
  •  Your cable assemble's left connector type?
  •  Your cable assemble's right connector type,cut end or stripped end?
  •  If your cable is very short,also please tell me your connector's orientation?

Why choose us?

  1. Professional manufacturer of  cable assemble, Rohs,Reach and CE compliance.
  2. All products have been tested before put on market.The manufacturing system command for each RF cable assembly will be built by engineer according to approved drawing every single procedure on manufacturing system command has quality control rule ,and QC check in-processing all the time.
  3. A systemized manufacturing procedure,100% signal continuity testing ,in-process,and out-going QC inspection guarantee every customer to receive best quality cables.
  4. Professional manufacturer directly supply you,so price is competitive and lead-time is only 1-2 weeks.For normal model,samples' lead-time is only 2-3days.Fullantenna has very rapid and good service.
  5. If there are any quality problems of our  cable assemble, you can get replacement or refund within one year.

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